Statement No. (9 / 2021)

Republic of the Union of Myanmar
National Unity Government
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Statement No. (9 / 2021)
Statement on Tatmadaw Crackdown on Protest at Kyimyintdaing Township
5 December 2021

On December 5, 2021, at around 10:00 am, the military vehicle intentionally rammed into civilian protesters at Panpingyi Street, Kyimyintdaing Township, Yangon. A total of four protesters were killed, while 15 were arrested. The three protesters were killed instantly, while the fourth one died while carried to the car. The evidence of this incident has circulated online, and Tatmadaw arrested at least three civilians who uploaded the photo. This heinous crime took place while the military leader, Min Aung Hlaing was in Yangon.

It is important to remember today is not an isolated case. It is a reminder to the whole world how critically dangerous and unsafe Myanmar has become even for its people since Tatmadaw illegally seized power. To date, the Tatmadaw has brutally murdered at least 1,303 civilians and arbitrarily arrested and tortured at least 7,750 people. It has continued using violence and excessive force, committing arson, looting civilian properties, and silencing those who rejected their dictatorial rule. The Junta’s brutality and crimes against humanity will continue as long as they assert their authority over the country. The people of Myanmar have lived this kind of atrocities for generations, and we have lost countless innocent lives under the Junta. Thus, as the world follows what is happening in Myanmar, it is crucial to keep in mind that victims of Tatmadaw’s atrocities are not just numbers but human beings they are supposed to protect.

All the people of Myanmar have the fundamental right to live with dignity, a deeper sense of security, and freedom. We, therefore, urge the international community and global leaders to take decisive and timely action to help us save lives and stop Tatmadaw’s brutality.

• A stronger political, diplomatic and economic pressure against the Junta is needed. This is a need to cut the Junta’s sources of revenue, weapons, and external support. Thus, we urge the international community to equally engage and pressure the countries and international actors supporting them.

• The Junta’s representation, regardless of their level of participation, in the international events is tantamount to international legitimacy. Thus, we urge other countries and regional and global organizations to prevent any representatives from the SAC from participating.

Restoration of democracy and a credible civilian government as soon as possible remains the sustainable solution to the current instability. The NUG and our democratic allies stand ready to cooperate with any efforts to sustain pressure against Junta and deliver humanitarian and emergency responses to the people directly affected by the Tatmadaw’s war crimes.

The National Unity Government (NUG) extends its deepest condolences to the family and friends of the victim of today’s unfortunate turn of events caused by the military’s barbaric and inhumane action. We also express our sympathy to those who have been detained. Today is a crucial reminder that we can never give up on our struggle until we collectively bring back democracy in the country, hold the Tatmadaw and its leadership accountable for their serious crimes, and permanently eliminate the culture of violence in governance and the security structures.