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U Maung Maung Aung_Representative to United Kingdom

U Maung Maung Aung

NUG MOFA Representative

U Maung Maung Aung was born in 1966. He graduated from Yangon University in 1986 with Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, he continued to study as a postgraduate student until 1988. He stepped into the Myanmar’s political arena since early March 1988 student led nationwide uprising. He became an activist in the opposition to Myanmar Military Government while he was studying for a Postgraduate Degree. He became a joint secretary of the Old University Students Association, founded in August 1988. He was then appointed a joint secretary in the Graduated and Old student Democratic Association Party in October 1988. Later, after the party general meeting in June 1989 he was elected as a general secretary.

In 27th March 1990, he became a candidate representing Pabaedan Township, Yangon and was elected as an MP in the General election. In 1992, he was detained and imprisoned, forcibly removed from being an MP and his party “Graduated and Old student Democratic Association” Party was abolished by the State Law and Order Restoration Council.
After being released from prison in 1993, he resumed in his pro Democratic activist work to eradicate the dictatorship from Myanmar.

In 2009, he moved to the UK, and continued his anti-military movements, lead the campaigning against Myanmar’s Military until 2012.

When another attempted coup was staged by the Myanmar Military in February 2021, he took one of the leading activist roles in the UK to fight the Myanmar Military. In September 2021, he was appointed as one of the NUG Representatives in the UK.

Currently, he is living and working in Leeds with his loving and supportive wife, Daw May Hnin Oo and their three sons. He is continuing the fight against the Myanmar Military Juna as one of the NUG Representatives.

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