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Statement (2/2024)

Statement on the 3rd Anniversary of the Spring Revolution

1 February 2024
  1. February 1, 2024 marks the 3rd Anniversary of Myanmar’s Spring Revolution – the day the terrorist military attempted a military coup to forcibly take control of the country from the democratically elected government, elected by the people of Myanmar through free and fair elections.
  2. With brutal violence, the military leader Min Aung Hlaing has sought to enforce dictatorial rule, launching a coup amid the outbreak of Covid-19, then murdering peaceful protesters in the streets of Myanmar, and finally burning entire villages to the ground, bombing schools, hospitals, and wantonly slaughtering men, women and children.
  3. Yet, the people of Myanmar steadfastly refuse to submit to him. On this day, after three years of brutal repression, the people of Myanmar again raise their voices in the streets, persisting with unyielding determination and strong resilience in their endeavour to bring an end to the history of coups and dictatorship by a military which has held this country hostage for more than seventy years. The indomitable spirit of our people has ensured that the military is unable to impose its rule on the country
  4. Today again “our city, our rule” reverberates around the country.
  5. Our collective resistance has, however, come at a horrible cost. The terrorist military’s brutal repression has caused a human rights and humanitarian catastrophe. The military has detained or killed thousands of civilians. Devastatingly, 627 underage children and 1,017 women have lost their lives. There have been 583 documented instances of aerial attacks on civilians, resulting in 879 fatalities and 958 injuries. Additionally, 76 religious building and 52 schools were destroyed as a result of these attacks. 2.6 million of our people have been displaced.
  6. On this day, we, the National Unity Government, our ethnic allies and spring revolutionary forces are united in our commitment to ending all forms of violence, oppression and exploitation – the tactics the oppressive military junta is employing to instill fears in the people – and to establishing a full-fledged federal democratic country, founded on the principles of equality and self-determination, peace, justice and human rights, including the protection of minorities. Together, we have charted a way forward for this country, we have laid out the principles and a plan for this political transition in the Federal Democracy Charter and in our Joint Statement Towards the Establishment of a Federal Union.
  7. As the defense of our rights enters its third year, the military aggressor is facing losses on all fronts, in the political, military and diplomatic spheres. Our allies and we are liberating territories across Myanmar, building up administration, and delivering much-needed services to the people. On the battlefield, the military is losing engagements and is suffering from low morale. Defections are rising as entire companies and battalions lay down arms to avoid annihilation. In reaction, the military is escalating its indiscriminate violence against civilians- shelling them with artillery from their fortified positions and bombing them from the skies. The junta military commits war crimes and crimes against humanity with routine abandon.
  8. To end this violence and suffering, the NUG and its allies have expressed their willingness to engage in constructive dialogue with any responsible elements left in this military, provided it ceases all violences, releases political prisoners, and accepts democratic oversight and endorse the transition to federal democracy, and commit to transitional justice. Today, on this sad anniversary, again, the junta have rejected this offer and vowed to crush the resistance of the people. They plan to seek international legitimacy by holding sham elections, which are unlawful and will only lead to violence and threaten regional stability.
  9. As the lawful government of the people of Myanmar, the National Unity Government will make every effort to protect our people, restore democratic rule, and build a new, better federal Myanmar, hand-in-hand with the National Unity Consultative Council and other revolutionary forces. We will ensure that the perpetrators responsible for atrocities and mass crimes across the entire country are held accountable.
  10. The National Unity Government will remain a responsible partner to the international community. We will maintain good relations with all our neighbours, play an active role for prosperity and understanding in ASEAN, and conduct a non-aligned foreign policy dedicated to international law, peace, and cooperation.
  11. We thank our partners for their support thus far, for their steadfast refusal to deal with or recognize the illegitimate junta, and for the sanctions they have imposed on the junta and its business interests. We thank our partners and friends for the many messages of solidarity on this sad anniversary. We also ask our partners to do more to help us deliver assistance and services to our people and facilitate our country’s transition.
  12. Myanmar’s Spring Revolution is unique, genuine and home-grown. Its spirit unites our people across political and ethnic boundaries. The Spring Revolution serves as a catalyst for our dialogue to find common ground among our diverse communities. We, the people of Myanmar, wholeheartedly believe that justice will prevail in the end, and our dream of a unified Myanmar free from tyranny and violence will be realized soon.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
National Unity Government

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