Adhering to the independent, active and non-aligned foreign policy, the Union aims to establish friendly relations with nations that support the complete abolishment of dictatorship, restoring full-fledged democracy and establishment of federal democratic union in Myanmar in accordance with the international laws and international human rights standards. Recognizing the geopolitics of Myanmar, the Union aims to establish close cooperation with neighboring countries, ASEAN member states, and nations that support Myanmar’s struggle for democracy and development.
The following guiding principles are stated in regards with the foreign affairs of the National Unity Government.
  • Shall work to get its formal recognition from the international community by collaborating with international governments and international organizations including the United Nations according to the foreign affairs policy.
  • Shall work on ratification of international conventions and treaties that will protect the nation and the people in line with international laws.
  • Shall implement strategic plans of the Interim National Unity Government by collaborating with partner countries which are in favour of building of Federal Democracy Union.
  • Shall work with diplomatic approaches to bring effective sanctions of international community against the council of military junta and to file criminal charges in international courts
  • To promote the legitimacy (de jure recognition) of the National Unity Government (NUG) and Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) in the international community including United Nations
  • To increase international pressures on the illegitimate military council (State Administration Council – SAC)
  • To work to secure the representative seats at the UN and UN mechanisms
  • To campaign to deny international recognition on the SAC by applying the international laws and diplomatic means
  • To establish legal communication with foreign governments, diplomatic corps, and international organizations on behalf of the National Unity Government
  • To coordinate between subcommittees of CRPH and international organizations to garner the support on activities of the NUG and CRPH
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